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Creating a personalized space to help productivity in your shared office space

Keeping your workspace clean and organized is a great start to being more productive in your office. However, given that you will be spending over 2,000 hours each year in it, you may feel a little drained from seeing the same sterilized look all the time. Clutter is distracting but having a few items nearby can energize people as well. Fortunately, even if you are seat leasing in a shared office space, there are ways to personalize office space to increase productivity while keeping clutter to a minimum.

Adjust your monitor’s height

Adjusting your monitor’s height is an easy, non-intrusive way of personalizing your space for your benefit. Raising your monitor to a comfortable level makes it easier on the eyes, reducing the strain the light places on it. It can also be reversed by the next person to use the space after you. The ideal rule would be to keep it at eye level for maximum productivity.

Experts also recommend that your monitor should be at least an arm’s length away from you. This helps you see everything on your screen without straining your eyes and your neck too much. You can also reduce the glare your eyes get by positioning your monitor away from windows and other bright sources of light. Personalized office space starts with improving on the basic things after all.

Add a dash of color

Of course, when you are seat leasing in a shared office space, your color options are limited. After all, you cannot just repaint the entire office space to your organization’s personal colors. However, you can have just a small personal touch of it around your workspace.

Take a few colored post-its and stick it around your workspace. Remember to not go overboard. Keep things as organized and clean as possible. Additionally, you need to take care not to write passwords and confidential information on them as these are easily seen. Instead, use it to set reminders about certain appointments or even general tips like cleaning your desk every time you clock out. You can also write down inspirational quotes and messages if that helps improve your energy and your focus.

Make your space more comfortable with a few items

As long as you exercise the proper discipline and cleanup when bringing in a few items to improve your ergonomics, then it is fine to do so. You can improve the comfort of your office chair by bringing in a support pillow for your back. Or maybe your own comfortable mouse pad to help your hands rest better.

The key is to keep your personalized office space as non-intrusive as possible. Remember to take these items home or keep them in your locker if you have one after every workday. Practicing the right discipline when it comes to managing your personal items improves your own productivity while leaving a clean slate for other people using your space after you.

So if you want an idea of how order and personalization are maintained in an office space for rent, feel free to give us a call anytime. Here at AGBI, we offer three, fully-furnished and fully-equipped workspaces for you and your Manila team. We are more than happy to take you on a tour of our facilities so you can see how these can help your business.

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