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Conference Rooms in Shared Office Spaces Are A Lot More Flexible Than You Think

Leasing in a shared office space comes with various perks and amenities. Among these facilities are private rooms your company can reserve and use. While people normally use conference rooms for important discussions and presentations, those are not the only purpose it fulfills. You can use your meeting space in a variety of ways. Here are some suggestions:

Photo and Video Shoots

You do not need a large budget in order to get creative with your marketing efforts. A whole host of photo editing tools are available online to produce enticing photos and video content. There is no need to rent studios nor shoot outside. You can even make use of regular smartphones with decent cameras for IG stories or a live event. 

What’s great about some meeting rooms is that they are structured with glass walls overlooking the city to let in a good amount of natural light. Being resourceful with what you have is key to being cost-efficient. Get creative with the camera angles and props you use and don’t forget to create quality content as the background only serves as support. Also, you have to keep in mind that working in an office space means sharing with other tenants. So, make sure to leave the room the same way you came in.

Skill Sharing

What a time to be alive, indeed! Automated tools now exist for companies to streamline their processes. As such, upskilling employees and training them to work with the newest technology is necessary for them to stay competitive. This is what BPO companies are doing. They give employee initiatives and training to sharpen skills and improve morale. You don’t need to rent an expensive venue for this either. Maximize meeting room privileges from office space providers.

Skill sharing is a great way to stimulate growth. Members get to share their expertise while those who listen get to learn something new. You can even turn it into a lunch-and-learn session if time is not easy to come by.

Recruitment and Onboarding

The privacy provided by a meeting room makes it a good place for confidential conversations, including job interviews. It allows you and your interviewee to discuss sensitive information like such as compensation deals. It keeps you secluded from the busy surroundings of the operations floor. In addition to this, you can also host training, counseling sessions, and orientation for new hires. 

Celebrating Milestones

There is nothing wrong with holding mini celebrations from time to time for important milestones like landing a big sale or expanding to a new location. Doing so helps boost team morale as they are able to see the results of their hard work. It also creates a stronger bond among your team members.

Conference rooms are ideal for these types of small gatherings. They hold noise well, so your festivities do not disturb the other tenants in the building. Your provider may allow food and drinks inside but be sure to clean up afterward!

Dedicated meeting rooms are very versatile facilities to have in an office. Which is why many BPO seat leasing office providers like AGBI include it in its list of amenities and facilities. Contact us today and let us take you on a personal tour of our office spaces to see these amenities up close.

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