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3 Ways to a Clutter-Free Desk in a Shared Office Space

The overall look of your workspace is important. A clean and organized office space ensures productivity for all, especially in a shared office space. Clutter is inevitable. Some say a little mess promotes creativity but for most people, clutter is just pure distraction. Working inside a shared office space requires you to be mindful of your work etiquette. This includes how you keep your workstation clean and organized. 

The Negative Effects of Clutter

For some people, a messy environment severely restricts the ability to focus. Distractions make it harder for the brain to process information. A paper out of place competes for your attention which can be pretty annoying when you are trying to get work done.

Studies show that it takes 25 minutes on average for you to focus on a task again after a distraction. Add in all the other factors like an unorganized desk and noisy co-workers, this could mean hours down the drain. Therefore, reducing workplace clutter is an important first step in becoming more productive.

Reducing Your Clutter

So how do you make your workspace the ideal office? Here are a few steps:

Reduce Reliance on Storage

A common thing among office-based businesses is their overuse of physical documents. There are files everywhere that sometimes, start filling up every corner of your office. Increasing papers inside your office does not only make the room appear messy, but it also increases your risk of a data breach. When you are seat leasing in a shared office environment, there are other people using the place with you. Your confidential files could be put to greater risks.

Try having limited storage space for your organization’s files and paperwork or better yet, have your documents digitized. It helps in reducing the amount of material you bring and keep in your office.

Travel Light

It is advisable to travel light and bring only what is necessary in order to cut down on the space you use up. It is especially useful in coworking and shared office spaces since you have other people coming in and out of the operations floor. You also don’t need to carry a big, heavy bag to work with all the unnecessary items in it. Just bring valuables and important documents you would need for the day. Doing this could also reduce your risk of misplacing important files and belongings inside the office. 

Clear out Digital Clutter

It is important to remember that clutter is not just the files and papers littered around your shared workspace. A digital clutter could also keep you from maximizing your productivity. Spending hours just to find one specific file through an unorganized drive can eat up so much time.

Take the time to properly sort through digital files. Make sure your items are always in its designated folder. It’s also nice to have a format for all your filenames to help you keep track of the latest versions of each. 

Clutter-free Shared Office Spaces

An open office is a great place for setting up your business without minding overhead expenses for your team. However, if you don’t follow basic office etiquette, such as keeping a clean workstation, you might end up getting yourself kicked out. Always remember that working in a setting like this requires you to be respectful of others. After all, keeping a clear desk always leads to a clear mind.

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